I Am My Foundation

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Blog by Art By K8T

"I am my Foundation. What we think about on a constant basis becomes the foundation of our life. Our thoughts create how we navigate each moment and how each moment flows together to create a day. If I spend my time in the mornings with meditations and prayer, my day becomes a solid foundation on which to sit; and as I flow through my day, the thoughts and beliefs I held in the morning become the path I walk upon throughout the day.

That said; if I listen to others opinions of me or of the world, I will be sifting through a light sand that will wash away at the first gust of wind. Please give yourself some time each morning and start your day with thoughts that create the best path and the most solid foundation. Tap into what you know to be God and be in a state of peace and trust that no matter how hard the rains fall, your house will not be washed away or destroyed; for you have built your day on the foundation of God love.

May your heart be firmly planted in faith and may your meditations connect you to the rock of ages. When your foundation is solid you can weather every storm. May this day find you in a safe place of peace, and if for some reason, you are not feeling like you are on solid ground, please give thought to your faith and trust that help is on the way. So much love, always and everywhere. Katherine Ouwerkerk "