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    Each drawing from this amazing woman is a piece of her heart. They just touch your heart and soul. When I think I have found a favourite and comes to her and I am truly amazed again. Each drawing is a masterpiece of depth and feeling and every one is incredible. I am honoured to have one of her drawings which is a prized possession and several t-shirts which I love. I am always waiting to see what speaks to her next and never fail to be astounded by her next creation. Katherine has an incredible heart which shows in each piece of her art, for the world to experience. I will be so proud to say I knew her when.
    Janet Annand
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    Katherine, the artist not only creates magical art but anyone who looks at her pieces understands immediately that her art is from her heart. Her masterpieces are divinely inspired and infused with beautiful female energy of love, strength, grace and hope. This art does truly leave a mark on your heart. Each piece carries its own special vibration and evokes a feeling within that is hard to describe in words. The only description I can come up with is truly divine. I absolutely love every single piece she’s created so far and own a few of her creations. Each piece create different feeling for me and that’s a purpose of true art.
    Alena Michaels
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    Katherines art is so amazing and you can both see and feel that its done with so much love and talent. This art is something that speaks to your heart and is beautifully done with so many details- Just love them.
    Camila Krath
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    This woman! She creates from the depths of her soul and when it whispers to her it manifests through her fingertips onto paper in her incredible drawings. Each drawing speaks to me on some level. You can FEEL the love, passion, energy, excitement, joy, everything she puts into each piece. Simply Amazing! I have a few items she has created and truly treasure them. I highly encourage you to support this woman living her passion by adorning your walls with her work.

    Chelsea May
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    Katherine’s art is an invitation to feel. It's an invitation to understand greater depth and breadth of feeling in your heart. It is a collaborative journey between our hearts and divine. What she is able to communicate goes beyond words. When you see her work you see and feel the essence of you. It feels like home.
    Maya Comerota Stewart