About Katherine Ouwerkerk

Canadian Illustration Artist

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Katherine Ouwerkerk

Canadian born Artist Katherine Ouwerkerk. began drawing at the age of 57. She creates her drawings in her home studio in Canada. With no formal training, she just lets it go with a pencil and paper and lovingly creates Illustrations that speak to our hearts. She has been known to illustrate from Inspiring quotes and songs and her art has a beautiful energy that sinks into you.

My wish is that you connect to the love that so graciously gave me this gift. May you find Illustrations that speak to your soul, in ways that will astound you and in ways that will make you put your hand on your heart and say, “I love you” to yourself. For you truly are made of miracles and deserve to feel that love for yourself every single day. When we feel love for ourselves it is that love that we give to others. It is beautiful, it is pure and it is the only thing that is truly real.

We are each given a gift of life and my wish for you is that you realize how incredible you are and there is nothing that compares to the beauty in your soul.

May you feel peace and love when you look through my illustrations and connect to how precious you truly are, you always have been and always will be.

So much love from my heart to yours, Always and Everywhere.